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I see you from the above

Nicosia, Cyprus

I see you from the above

Nicosia, Cyprus


Congratulations! You completed all 5 tasks and you managed to get the first badge. It was a long but worthwhile journey in history and the myth of Nicosia. You managed to learn about the history of Nicosia and you saved the Mermaid from death.
You will win this badge when you reach the last 5 challenges and get to know which is the tallest building in Nicosia until 1978. Do you think that the Prince was leaving there?

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Congratulations! You have reached the final point of this Escape game and discovered so much of this city. You have saved the mermaid from death and you showed once again how powerful love is! Keep spreading love to those around you
You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
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Congratulations! You helped the Prince to save the mermaid and you have discovered important monuments of Nicosia. You still need to show the Prince the way back to his tower, so….
Challenge 6: Stop 1- location of the map - You are in front of the neoclassical building. You need to find its name, and what was used to be before. You have to provide evidence by writing on the empty box the answer.

Task no.2
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Well done! You have now explored more about Old Nicosia
Let’s go to the next challenge

Challenge 7: Stop 2 - Once you turn your gaze to the other side of the school, you can see the largest orthodox church in the Venetian walls of Nicosia. You need to find your way and go to the front of it (you will be standing at Faneromeni square). You can take a walk inside the church while trying to solve the puzzle and learn more about this church. As evidence, you can provide a screenshot of the completed puzzle and a selfie of you outside of the front side of Faneromeni church.

Task no.3
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Challenge 8: Stop 3 - Next challenge is to find the coordinates of the next stop. In this folder, you may find mathematical equations that will give you the number of the longitude and latitude of the next location. Once you reach there, you will see an archaeological finding of a community that used to live here. You can explore the area and upload a picture that you will take there as evidence.
Task no.4
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Well done!! You have managed to find out the antiquities that have recently been discovered. Let’s go to the last challenge before the treats.
Challenge 9: Stop 4 - This challenge wants you to find and go to the top of the tallest building in Nicosia until 1978. A clue: the building is located on Ledras Street. You can upload a picture of the view as a piece of evidence.

Task no.5
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Challenge 10: Stop 5 - Congratulations! You have now finished almost all the challenges and you can now go and enjoy pastries and traditional sweets from a well-known cafe in Nicosia. You can find the location here

Please let us envy this moment by you uploading as evidence something that you tasted and let us know how did you find it!


Nicosia, Cyprus


#develop problem solving strategy
#team building
#cultural history
#Critical thinking
#encourage creativity in the team
#encourage cultural diversity
Arts and culture
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Time to complete: 45 minutes


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