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Prince saves Leucosia

Nicosia, Cyprus

Prince saves Leucosia

Nicosia, Cyprus


Thanks to the first part of the Outdoor game - Siren Leucosia you will learn one legend associated with the city of Nicosia. You can work in groups and help each other win the badge but you can all use your smartphones individually. Thanks to this you will get to learn local legends and relate more with Nicosia and how it got its name. Challenges, meeting local people and having a lovely walk around local attractions await you.
Remember though that all tasks must be completed in the order written to finish the game and get the badge.
Save the mermaid from death!

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With this, you will prove once again how love is the most powerful source of energy in the whole world.
In order to unlock Leucosia’s myth badge, you need to be completing all the tasks so Prince can save Leucosia from death.
You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
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We begin our journey at Eleftheria square in the heart of Nicosia - tap to see the location 

Challenge 1: On the bottom of this challenge, you may find a google drive folder. Inside you may find the parts of text of the legend, which need to be composed. In order to read the legend you need to put the sentences in the right order according to the numbers they have. The legend is in Greek. You can write down the sentences in the right order and ask someone who is passing by to translate for you or use digital technologies (google translate)

As evidence you can either put the english text you translated or a selfie with the person who translated it for you. Be creative! If you find other way to translate please upload the evidence.
Task no.2
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Congratulations! You are done with the first challenge! Let’s move on

Challenge 2: Now that you already know the legend we need to let Prince that the siren is about to kill herself in order to go and save her from stucking the rock on her chest. In order to do that, you need to find the oldest rocks/walls around you and provide evidence of it by taking a picture and uploading it here. Clue: they are also known as Venetian walls.

Let’s go to the next challenge now
Task no.3
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Challenge 3: Amazing! You now know about the Walls of Nicosia, also known as the Venetian Walls. The Venetian walls are a series of defensive walls which surround Nicosia the capital city of Cyprus. The first city walls were built in the Middle Ages, but they were completely rebuilt in the mid-16th century by the Republic of Venice.
While you were completing the first two challenges a poet was standing and watching at you all this while. You will need to go close to Nicosia Municipality building and take a picture of the poet as evidence for this challenge.
Task no.4
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Challenge 4: Now in order to find the prince and inform him that the siren Leucosia is about to kill herself you need to go to the most famous street in Nicosia. The name of that street was the first ever name of Nicosia city. You can enter this link to solve the code and go to that street. Prove evidence by writing on the box below the name of that street.
Task no.5
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Challenge 5: Congratulations! You now know the first-ever name of Nicosia. While you are walking at Ledras street, by the end of It you can find the Buffer zone. Just before the buffer zone, you will find a memorial with lots of letters on it. You will need to find the name of it and as evidence and upload the title of the memorial and a picture of it that you have taken yourself.
Bravo!! For all these 5 challenges that you achieved, the mermaid has a present for you. She gives you a QR code with the first location of the next and last activity. Activity #2 starts in front of this neoclassical school.


Nicosia, Cyprus


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Time to complete: 45 minutes


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The myth of Siren Leucosia
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