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Platform for Cities of Learning

Cities of Learning platform transforms cities into thriving learning ecosystems. Learners, organisations and public institutions can map learning opportunities, combine local and digital experiences through playlists, issue and earn digital Open Badges to value and recognise learning and achievements.


The Network of Cities of Learning

Cities of Learning platform supports the Network of Cities of Learning in making learning open, accessible and inclusive.

Join the growing network of Cities of Learning and have access to your localised version of the platform with your.cityoflearning.eu domain, bespoke branding, support, training and networking opportunities

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Mapping opportunities

Publish activities and make them available on a map of the territory at ease. Specific filters and sorting tools will help finding opportunities that match the needs and interests of learners

Digital Open Badges

The recognition is here! Every created activity has automatically generated digital badge that can be edited and set to be issued via email, earned by scanning QR code or by uploading required evidence.

Learning Playlists

Combine local and online activities into learning playlists just with few clicks. Playlists, also known as pathways, can have a specific sequence, optional and required activities to complete

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Cities of Learning platform benefits everyone

Benefits for learners

  • Access to learning opportunities.
  • Recognition of practical experiences, skills and achievements.
  • Discovery of new opportunities.
  • Professional support for future careers and unlocking opportunities.

Benefits for learning providers

  • Better visibility.
  • Data on the impact and achievements.
  • Platform to connect various types of learning in the territory.
  • Digital tools to support learners in developing 21st-century skills.

Benefits for city and region administration

  • Open and inclusive learning infrastructure.
  • Data to inform public policy decisions.
  • Means to achieve strategic goals
  • Lifelong learning opportunities

Benefits for business and employers

  • Better job readiness.
  • Real overview of skills in the territory.
  • New channel to search for talents.
  • Employer and business branding.

More details about features

Cities of Learning platform is a learning management system which includes functionalities you need to create a compelling learning experience

User roles and permissions

Organisers, activities and playlists have three levels of user roles - owner, admin and user making it flexible enough to assign needed rights and permissions.

ESCO skills database

Every activity can include skills from the ESCO database - the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations.

Open Badges standard

Digital badges uses Open Badges 2.0 version which is a global standard for digitally verified credentials.

Automatically generated Open Badges

Badge image and description are automatically generated from visuals and content of the activity making it ready for quick editing and use.

Advanced assessment features

Assessment of learning and achievements can be implemented through setting up badge tasks and include self-assessment, peer review and organiser assessment.

Digital badge collection

Earned badges can be organized and shared through a digital badge collection. Earners manage badge sharing privacy policy.


Organisers can view and evaluate the impact of using the platform and analyse data related to their activities, playlists and badges.

Multilingual platform

The platform is used in many languages and can be translated and released in local language using integrated translation tools. Contact us if you would like to contribute with a new language translation.

Cities of Learning partners

Cities of Learning platform continuously evolves being steered by the international partners’ consortium of non-governmental organisations, public institutions and enterprises.

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Badgecraft hosts this platform and develops it together with leading educational organisations. The European Union's programme Erasmus+ granted co-funding for building the first version of this platform. Contact support@badgecraft.eu.
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