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Values guiding Cities of Learning

Together with partners of Cities of Learning, we aim to make learning open, accessible and inclusive to all. We are committed to the following set of values that guides our work, actions and initiatives.

Cities of Learning values:

Inclusiveness – we strive to create opportunities for diverse learners and learning providers

Openness – we promote open experience sharing and collaboration between partners locally and internationally

Diversity in learning – we encourage various learning activities, ranging from public and informal spaces to non-formal or formal learning as well as learning online.

Open recognition – we value various achievements and learning acquired through life. We use Open Badges that enable us to value and recognise diverse learning.

Democracy and respect for human rights – our platform and learning opportunities provided should be in line with the main principles of democracy and demonstrate respect for human rights.

Innovation – we strive to make use of the internet and the newest technologies to respond to the emerging challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

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