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Make a compost jar

Individual initiative

Having this badge means that you can identify own potential for sustainability and to actively contribute to improving prospects for the community and the planet.
By completing badge activities, you get to know what types of action are possible, gain confidence to influence change and develop willingness to act.
By taking action in your personal sphere, you become an agent of change and role model, inspiring their peers to try to achieve sustainability.Earning this badge means that you:
  • know that preventive action should be taken when certain actions or inaction may damage human health, all life forms and nature;
  • can act promptly, even in the face of uncertainty and unforeseen events, keeping in mind the precautionary principle;
  • are confident about anticipating and influencing sustainable changes.
This progress badge leads to the ‘Acting for sustainability’ badge.
International partners consortium promotes and endorses sustainable learning and living through ‘#GoGreen - Youth Navigator’ activities.
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Take part in sustainable learning and living activities. Think and share on the questions below:
  1. Describe 2-3 examples when you know that your personal actions help prevent damage to all life forms and nature.
  2. What do you do to achieve sustainability goals? Share 2-3 cases.
  3. What builds your confidence to be able to anticipate and influence sustainable changes? Explain 2-3 factors.You can write a text response, share photos, upload short audio or video, include files and other examples of your actions.
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Make a compost jar
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